DCP By-Laws

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BY-LAWS of DeKalb Community Promise (Peers Reaching Out and Modeling Interventions Strategies)

Article I: Name: DeKalb Community Promise Coalition

Article 2: Mission: An alliance of individuals and organizations that advocate for community change on youth alcohol and other community issues by bringing awareness of these issues through education, prevention programs to ensure a safe and healthy community.

Article 3: Vision: To reduce the incidence of arrest and fatalities among youth due to the possession of alcohol products and other community issues by building prevention capacity and providing effective, prevention, intervention and advocacy.

Article 4: Purpose: The purpose of DeKalb Community Promise is to provide guidance over the life of its mission and vision and to bring about positive healthy change for the community by working in partnership with other community stakeholders to execute strategies that will achieve successful results.

Article 5: Membership: Membership shall at all times consist of at least representatives from the 12 sector alignment grid who represent parents, youth, government, civic, youth serving organizations, faith-based, health, law-enforcement, business, media, schools and other substance abuse organizations.

Article 6: Location of Office: The principle office of the coalition where records are kept and the general mailing address of the coalition is Beyond The Bell 990 Iris Drive SW Conyers, Ga 30094.

Article 7: Committees: The Coalition shall be governed by a lateral organization structure underlined by sub-committees. These committees are Speakers/Writers, Social Media, Capacity Building and Data Collection. Other committees as needed may be recommended by the Director or Coordinator to further the purposes of the Coalition. Each committee shall report at each monthly meeting any committee activities and actions taken during committee meetings and provide to the administrative support staff, the director/coordinator and the program evaluator such copy for publication and action if applicable or as necessary.

Article 8: Invited Consultants: Individuals and/or representatives of affiliates organizations, agencies, and associations or any members of the 12 sectors may serve as consultants to the coalition and will act as resources to the Coalition without voting privileges except those who represent the 12 sectors.

Article 9: Meetings: Regular meetings shall be monthly alternating between face-to-face meetings and teleconference meetings. This alternative shall from time to time be changed based on the needs of the Coalition and/or at the discretion of the director/coordinator. Meeting locations may be fixed from time to time and locations shall be representative of all communities involved in the Coalition. All meetings shall be conducted accordance with Roberts Rule of Order.

Article 10: Vacancies: Vacancies among Coalition members shall be filled by recommendations of current members and by community interest and support. In addition, new members may be added from time to time as representatives of the community.

Article 11: Financial Operations: The Coalition may accept financial support in the form of gifts, grants, donations, contracts and in-kind contributions under the fiscal operations of Beyond The Bell who is a Georgia non-profit organization with 501© (3) status. All receipts of expenses shall be reported to the director and yearly audits shall be performed under the direction of the outside CPA as well as monthly financial reports compiled by members of the administrative staff for Coalition distribution.

Article 12: Data Collection: The Coalition shall maintain a community level epidemiological workgroup representative in order to collect and analyze data specific to the targeted community and provide ongoing evaluation of the impact of the implemented policies, practices, strategies, and programs on reducing related problems in the community.

Article 13: Time Line: Each committee shall provide information and work with the administrative staff to create a time line chart representative of events, programs, dates, locations, strategies, activities, and goals in order to achieve community results based on coalition goals, objectives, and strategies.

Article 14: Fiscal Year: The fiscal year if the Coalition is defined as January 1 to December 31.

Article 15: Ratification and Amendment: These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of a quorum present at a regularly scheduled meeting of the coalition, provided the proposed amendments have been distributed to the full Coalition membership prior to that meeting with ample time being allowed for each member to review.

Article 16: Effective Date: These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon adoption by a majority vote at the Coalition next regularly scheduled meeting November 12, 2016.

Article 17: Amendments: These bylaws may be amended by a majority of vote by the Coalition at any regularly scheduled meeting providing a copy of the proposed amendment has been provided to each member allowing ample time for review by each member prior to said meeting.

Article 18: Certification: These bylaws were adopted and approved at a regularly scheduled Coalition meeting by a majority vote on the _12th_ day of __November_ 2016.




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