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Dekalb Community Promise - Who We Are

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DeKalb Community Promise is made up of a group of representatives from organizations, faith-based communities, non-profits, businesses, and even members from our community who have united to create change within DeKalb County in regards to the prevention of substance abuse among youth.

After some research, these representatives found that the DeKalb County had nearly 1,180 alcohol licensed establishments. 32% of those establishments received citations for the unlawful sales of alcohol to underage youth in 2001.

Concerned with the number of youth using alcohol and the reality of how available it is to them, DeKalb community leaders formed Beyond the Bell and the Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking in 2004.

With further research, the coalition found other alarming trends, including the use of marijuana & tobacco among DeKalb County youth.

After discovering these statistics, the coalition voted unanimously to increase its focus to include the substance abuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco among youth.

The name was changed to DeKalb Community Promise (Peers Reaching Out & Modeling Intervention Strategies.)


DeKalb Community Promise envisions a community where youth and families can live in a healthy, safe, and substance-free environment.


  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Health
  • Civic Organizations
  • Youth
  • Media
  • Other Substance Abuse Organizations
  • Faith-Based
  • Youth Serving Organizations


Beyond The Bell was formed in 2002 to provide after school and summer enrichment programs for at-risk children and youth. The agency was founded by Sandra Dean who saw the need for the youth in the Lithonia and Decatur community to have a safe and healthy place to spend time outside of school.

The purpose of Beyond The Bell was not only to help children with homework activities, but to provide other educational opportunities, such as travel outside of their communities to places like Washington, DC. Alabama, The Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, FL, New Orleans, Savannah GA, South Carolina, and more! They even went to other education institutions and experienced college campus tours to allow the children to expand their horizons and learn other places and people!

The agency now dedicates its resources to prevention programs, including underage drinking prevention, heavy and binge drinking, parenting solutions programs and drug free communities. Beyond The Bell will soon to take on the daunting task of prescription drug abuse prevention!

Beyond The Bell is headed by a Board of Directors and a Coalition composed of dedicated community members utilizing local data and survey information to drive its programs and services.